Maggie Shevlin-Elmore B.A Dip.Drama.D.Hyp.PDCHyp.MBSCH

Maggie Shevlin-Elmore

Maggie is a hypnotherapist and founder of Enlightened Self Interest, she graduated in English from Queens University Belfast and completed post-graduate studies in drama at Manchester University.

An actress, writer and in her early career writer and presenter of children's TV programmes, she became fascinated by hypnosis when she realised that its main conduits were voice and language, already her area of special interest and expertise.

She trained with the LCCH and now tutors and lectures for them in this country and abroad; she is also qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Maggie consults at The Royal Brompton Hospital on anxiety, depression and pain management. Clients within the entertainment industry, business and commerce have also benefited from performance anxiety treatment.

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