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Maggie Shevlin-Elmore


Accidental Theatre, Shaftsbury Square, Belfast

Thursday April 12th  from 09:00am

More detailed information to follow

This event is being run by the Actors Equity Mental Health Sub-Committee which formed last year, in response to the alarming rates of suicide within the Equity membership (and the wider creative community) and the focus of the day is practical advice on building resilience, practicing self care and reducing anxiety.  The day will include sessions and workshops with a leading a mental health professional, a yoga expert and a life coach.


Maggie will be presenting a session on Mindfulness including some practice.



The mindfultheatre Company

Whether they know it or not people need Theatre and they need Mindfulness; Theatre, as Shakespeare said, "Holds the mirror up to nature". In other words it shows us to ourselves. Mindfulness does likewise.


It has been proven that mindful practice promotes neuroplasticity; it changes the brain's architecture in a good way, making us more accepting of ourselves and of others, more compassionate and empathic, better able to communicate, better able to regulate our emotions and our behaviour. What's not to like?

Mindfulness turns you into your own best friend and everybody needs a best friend, none more so than the actor, the "luvvie" the ne'er-do-well who should go out and get a "proper" job, unless of course he/she is one of the tiny number who "make it" earn big bucks and are on the telly.


We hear a lot at the moment about the evils of the "gig" economy, (an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements), a hip new word for an old tyranny known all too well by many, not least the actor.


Simon Rattle, asked why he chose to take the position of chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, said this:

"There is something about being in a place where the arts are essential, even to politicians . . . it is simply a mark of intelligence, just as it should be. It's deeply embedded. Not a luxury. It's understood as something everybody should have. Everybody in the arts in Britain spends too much time trying to survive . . . The arts in Britain needs help and money, but most of all the arts needs respect."


Meditation is the bottom line, the foundation or root of mindfulness. It isn't rocket science, you sit and close your eyes and simply focus your attention on your breath and this is a form of meditation. Simple! Ye-e-s, simple to describe but not, at first, all that easy to do for any length of time. Try it now and see. (PAUSE) A pound to a penny before you knew where you were you were wondering what to have for your tea, or off down any number of rabbit holes.


Like any other skill, be it playing the piano, typing, or tennis, you have to stick with it and sometimes at the beginning it's boring and/or frustrating. It is not unusual to think that you can't do it, are doing it wrong. The important thing is to keep doing it.

Remember your intention is to pay attention (to the breath) with curiosity and acceptance patience and trust and without judgment or striving too hard.

The rewards are enormous but you have to "suck it to see".


mindfultheatre was founded for the purpose of producing PLURABELLES for my MSc. thesis. It goes forward as a small team producing new and existing drama by the likes of Heaney and Shakespeare. All members of the company are trained in mindfulness and each day's work begins and ends with meditation.


mindfultheatre’s aim is to produce excellent theatre and as a double sided coin with mindfulness on one side and theatre on the other. Heads you win, tails you win!




by Paul Sheehan

Performed by Maggie Shevlin

original music by Eithne Hannigan


The KPH Ladbroke Grove, London mindful’s Artistic Director Maggie Shevlin recently completed her MSc in Mindful Based Stress Reduction at Bangor University and as part of a research project performed, in association with Enlightened Self Interest, PLURABELLES. This is a dramatic evocation of the Woman in James Joyce's work conveying the diverse facets of this 'textual Woman'. Drawn from every area of Joyce's writing, the words construct a portrait that shows her at all stages of her life so that she becomes Everywoman. The single voice becomes the many voices in a poetic logic that interconnects with The River of Words.

This research project explored the contribution of  poetry and poetic language to MBSR and MBCT courses.


The five performances ran to capacity houses at The KPH in Ladbroke Grove London. Maggie would like to thank all those who helped bring about the production, particularly Vince Power, The KPH management and our friend, writer, performer, producer and curator Simon Godley.